Solarcrete is the only wall system that incorporates R38 insulation into a complete structural wall assembly together with interior and exterior finishes in one panel.
This complete system extends from the footings to the roof in one continuous, uninterrupted, pre-manufactured panel measuring up to 46’ (14.02 m.) in height.
Solarcrete is not a cladding system or an architectural finish. Neither is it just structural or a pre-cast tilt-up panel.
Solarcrete is a combination of all these systems, which provides a continuous, insulated, air and vapor barrier, up to three storey’s high. Solarcrete construction is ideal for commercial, industrial and institutional projects as well as the residential market.

“It is a very sound structure that virtually eliminates outside noise and wind. I would highly recommend a Solarcrete building over conventional construction.”
– James J. Mac Donald

“Your advertisement states ‘ It’s Amazing’…well, having been a skeptic I am now a believer!!!”
-Edward J. Ogorzaly

“If I were to buy another building, without a doubt it would be Solarcrete.”
– Bruce H. Niggemann